Spaghetti dinner, WATER BATTLE, and Friday practice

Posted by Michelle Lorusso on Jul 27 2014 at 09:49PM PDT

Hello White Rapids Families,

Hope you all had a good weekend away from the pool. Less than a week until Regional’s, and the countdown is on!

A few important announcements for this up and coming week:

1) All regular scheduled practices in the afternoon on Thursday, July 31st will be cancelled due to Spaghetti dinner, unless notified by your coach.

2) This year, after the coaches get pied, we will be having a team wide WATER BATTLE. All swimmers will need to bring a water gun of some type, that needs to be kept in the swimmers bag or in vehicles until the water battle starts. Hope to see you all there for our final team event of the season!

3) All regular scheduled practices on Friday (morning and afternoon) will be cancelled in preparation for Regional’s. There will be an optional start and turn clinic on Friday morning for any swimmer’s who are attending Regional’s. The times are as follows:

-7:15-8:15 am (Div 4 and up)
- 8:00-9:00 am (Div 1-3)

4) If you have not checked off whether or not you will be attending provincials, should you qualify, please do so in the swim meet binder.

See you at the pool :),

NWRSC Coaching Staff